Ergonomic Office Chairs Low Price Top 5 India 2021

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Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Buy Online 

Ergonomic Office Chairs, If you are planning to remodel or upgrade your workplace or are simply looking for new designer office chairs. then you need to consider buying ergonomically designed office chairs.

Office chairs are fastly becoming one of the most popular options for your office. as they are not only very affordable but also provide many benefits for those who spend a lot of time sitting. It is estimated that many office workers spend 6-8 hours sitting at a desk, answering phone calls and working on their computers.

The Ergonomic office chairs would be a great investment for any business, as they can reduce the stress of sitting for that extended period of time. In some recent articles in the medical profession, the benefit of sitting in an appropriate position, that an ergonomic office chair can offer your body will help eliminate stress, shoulder discomfort, in addition to minor neck pain.

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Our Recomendation 

Best Choice 

Premium Choice

Value For Money

Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chair

MISURAA Office Chair (aluminium, Black)

Green Soul Seoul Study Chair (Fabric, Black)

Highly Adjustable

Arm-rest Adjustable
Lumbar Support
Head-Rest Adjustment
height and Depth Adjustment

Height Adjustment
Height Stability
Tilt Mode

Reviews – Best Office Chairs In India

Here is the list of the top 5 best ergonomic office chairs…

1.Green Soul Seoul Study Chair (Fabric, Black)

Key Features –

The specially designed height-adjustable chair comes with High-class Hydraulic Piston That Has a sleek functioning and long life.

  • Wheels –It has 50mm casters for rolling smoothly and offers great quality, works great on both hard floor, carpet floor and more.
  • Torsion knob –A tilt-tension knob beneath the office chair seat makes it so easier or harder to rock back in your chair.
  • Comfortable Tilt –This chair has a rocking mode that allows increased Relaxation, user can tilt this chair between 90° to 105° by using the lever.

Specifications –

  • Frame Material – Metal
  • Material – Mesh
  • Back Style – Solid Back
  • Weight – 11kg
  • Dimensions – 86*45*47 cm

Pros –

  • 1 year warranty
  • 360° Rotates
  • Hydraulic height adjustable
  • Tilt Relaxation

Cons –

  • Non-adjustable hand rest
  • Assembly required

Reason To Buy –

This is a multifunctional chair you can use for home and office.

2.Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chair

Key Features –

  • Ergonomic –
    Ergonomic chair with automatic Tension adjustment, which is suited to the user’s weight. Adjustable seat height armchairs. Lifting wooden support for maximum seat comfort.
  • Compact Design –
    Compact in terms of design, it also made of premium quality material. This makes a smart pick for everyone.
  • Lumbar Support –
    This could be a exllent choice if you suffer from back pain. Its adjustable Lumber gives you a backrest so you can work for extended time.
  • Arms Support –
    It has adjustable armrest that can provide excellent Support to Arms.

Specifications –

  • Material – polypropylene
  • Color – Olive green
  • Dimensions – 66*66*112 cm
  • Weight – 18kg
  • Style – High Back

Pros –

  • Enough arm and lumbar support
  • Head-Rest Adjustable
  • Easy Rolling and Rotating

Cons –

  • Cost

Reason To Buy –

This is a multifunctional ergonomic office chair. if you want a chair for multiple uses you must buy it.

3.MISURAA Office Chair (aluminium, Black)

Key Features –

  • Casted Alluminium base, Recline looking back.
  • Ergonomic Design Features Korian mesh, seat and back upholstery.
  • Arm-rest, Lumber, Head-Rest adjustable
  • Height and Depth of seat adjustable
  • Tilt Tension Control

Specifications –

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Dimensions – 68*71*120 cm
  • Item Weight – 14 kg
  • Style – High Back Office Chair

Pros –

  • Exllent Quality
  • Easy to install
  • Highly Adjustable

Cons –

  • Not so durable

Reason To Buy –

Highly functional ergonomic office chair this office chair is our premium choice. You can buy it if you want more comfort.

4.Amazon Brand – Solimo ZEN Chair

Key Features –

  • Fabric –Made from high-quality upholstery fabric this fabric is abrasion resistant, toxins free, and harmful chemicals free.
  • Legs –Nylon based 50mm 5 legs increased stability and it has a class 4 gas lift.
  • Comfort –Comfortable with good back support it has 3d adjustable Arm-rest with TPU Pads and has passed the 40,000 cycles test.
  • Stability –passed stability test with 100kg weight.
  • Warranty –3 years manufacturing warranty.

Specifications –

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Fabric
  • Dimensions – 50*62*12 cm
  • Weight – 14kg
  • Style – contempory

Pros –

  • Highly stable and Durable
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Good quality fabric

Cons –

  • Doesn’t last long

Reason To Buy –

Perfect for both home and office use, affordable price perfectly fits in the budget.

5.Green Soul New-york High-Back Mesh Office Chair

Key Features –

Material –
Nylon and Glass Fiber, Cover Mesh Upholstery
Capacity –
Weight Capacity up to 110kg and Height Suitability – 5ft2″ – 6ft
Comfort –
This office chair has a mesh back for breathability and its executive look provide long day comfort.

Specifications –

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Fabric
  • Dimensions – 129.5*53.5*53.5 cm
  • Frame Material – Nylon
  • Back Style – Solid Back
  • Seat Depth – 45.7cm

Pros –

  • Customizable Height, Lumber, Head-Rest, Arm-rest
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Heavy-duty metal base

Cons –

  • Not so affordable

Reason To Buy –

Whether you are a manager or CEO you can purchase this chair. This type of chair is perfect for office use.

Buying Guide For The Best Office Chairs In India

Ergonomic Office Chairs Low Price Top 5 India 2021

Before Purchasing Chair For Your Office Or Home, You Need To Consider Following Points. So Let’s Go Down And Check Some Interesting Facts, About How To Buy A Ergonomic Office Chair In India 2021.

Choose Mobility Over Design –

Chairs are basically the most movable component of your furniture, especially in the living room, office room, or reception. So choose chairs with wheels or bars to facilitate their mobility. At the right time, they should be light to ensure that they move easily from one place to another according to changing requirements. Spacious chairs with compact designs are often the safest bet in this regard.


In-office chair designs you can easily find suppliers who provide comprehensive custom solutions. Personalization is key to creating a flexible staffing environment that takes into account, the diverse working styles and needs of your employees. There can be no absolute solution in the seats. You need to be able to tailor the designs to your office as well as your workforce preferences.


Whatever design material you choose for office chairs should always reflect your work culture. To serve the special needs of your employees and Buy commercial office chairs from our listings above. where you can easily find these ergonomic chairs at competitive Features.

Key Factors To Be Considered While Selecting Office Chair 
  • Seat height – should be easily adjustable.
  • Seat width to depth – There should be enough width comfort depth to support any user comfortably.
  • Lumbar Support – Low back support is very important, often adjustable height Butt – should be adjusted primarily for the cornerstone, with the ability to lock from different angles.
  • Arm-Rest – must be adjusted.
  • Swivel – Any ergonomic office chair should rotate easily.
  • Stability – A five-star base is recommended for most work environments.
  • Seat material – To be comfortable when sitting for long periods of time, the back of the seat should have enough padding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)
Q > What should I look for in office chairs?

1.Seat height should be adjustable, a adjustable lever is the easiest way to do it.
2.The seat has enough width and depth that any user can seat comfortably.

Q > How do I get a comfortable office chair?

1.Height Adjustable.
2.Adjustable Backrests.
3.Check for Lumbar Support.
4.Allows Sufficient Seat Depth and Width.
5.Choose Breathable Material and Sufficient Padding.
6.Get a Chair With Armrests.
7.Find Easy to Operate Adjustment Controls.
8.Make Movement Easier With Swivel and Casters

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