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Orthopaedic Memory Foam Cushion Full Back Rest India 2021

full backrest cushion india 2021

Back Pain Relief Cushion For Study Home Office Chairs India 2021

  • Premium high density (4lb) memory foam with 8 magnets for improved blood circulation.
  • Comfortable seat for individual sitting in an office chair, riding in a car or simply for relaxing at home.
  • Excellent for improving your body posture, reduce stress to the back and alleviate lower back pain.
  • An ergonomically shaped cushion extends from the base of the spine up to the lower midpoint of the back.
  • Comes with a 3D mesh fabric cover which is breathable, removable and washable.


Information About Back Pain Relief Cushion 


Back pain relief cushion is really helpful to reduce back pain. Almost 50% of peoples are suffering from back pain in India.  So Many health care experts know the importance of backrest cushion in their daily lifestyle. Sedentary ( Inactive ) seating is the main reason behind back pain.

People’s who sits too long in improper gesture creates pressure on spines and that may lead to lumbar disorders. That’s why the lumber Support cushions are highly recommended to use.

HealthSense provided this back pain relief cushion to turn your ordinary chair into an ergonomically correct seating chair. This attractive cushion is also a stress buster and helps to realign the spines. After all “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.


Advantages Of Orthopedic Back Pain Relief Cushion

  • Makes a great gift for corporate, holiday, surgery recovery or geriatrics.
  • Measures 40x40x9cms – wide enough to cover the complete lumbar region.
  • Improves spinal alignment & posture, helps you with lower back problems.
  • Travel friendly as it comes with a carry bag for easy handling and maintenance.
  • Can be used just about anywhere – Office chair, car seat, wheelchairs, sofa or any other chair at home.



Important Points: Soft Spot BC-21 Cushion –

  • Humanized Design –

To suit the spinal curvature of the human body customized the design of this cushion. This Memory Foam Cushion Provides optimal back Support to prevent discomfort, And also settle your tired and aching back.

  • High Definition Memory Foam –

Used premium quality 4lb memory foam that adapts your body shape and gives maximum comfort.

  • Lumbar Support –

This pillow is a perfect blend of comfort, Supports your upper back, mid-back, and lower back targets the 5 lumber muscles and relives common lumber issues.

  • Mesh Fabric Cover –

3D mesh fabric cover Optimizes surface ventilation and avoids accumulation of body heat and the removable cover comes with zipping and it is washable.

  • Therapeutic Magnets –

To Improve Blood Circulation 8 magnets were placed strategically inside the cushion

  • Elastic Strap –

Comes with an elastic strap that allows adjusting your cushion with any chair.

Who Should Buy This Back Pain Relief Cushion?

  • Office Workers
  • Students
  • Pregnant Women
  • Driver’s
  • Elderly People’s

Bottom Line –

This Back Pain Relief Cushion is really a great product to buy, You will not regret it after buying this. If you want more information about the product or to know about some Real user Reviews then check the links given below, Thank You For Reading.

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