Best Single Seater Recliner Sofa for back pain Top 8 in India 2021

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Single Seater Recliner Sofa for back pain Relief Top 8 

Single Seater Recliner sofa Sets have emerged as a major part of interiors today – and this is clearly not without reason. Decorating small spaces (which is definitely the order of the day) is no cakewalk.

You can also get excited about the simplicity that rules home decoration today. However, you must have sufficient discretion to understand that the purpose of minimalism is not really limited to aesthetics.

No matter what furniture you Investing piece (regardless of size), there is really no denying the fact that apart from beautifying your existing furniture,  you should fulfil the purpose of buying a Single Seater recliner sofa. It is not only about buying recliner sofas online, it is definitely about getting the most that you are paying for. Here is a buying guide for you.

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1.AE Designs Recliner In Dark Brown


[email protected] by Nilkamal Matt 1 Seater Manual Recliner


3.Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home Relax


4.Amazon Brand - Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner


5.Home Centre Toledo Single Recliner


6.Lofty Dreams Recliners | Electric 01 Seater Motorized Recliner Chair


7.Amazon Brand - Solimo Serpens Single Seater Leatherette Recliner


8.AE Designs Motorized Fabric Recliner in Olive Brown



What metrics do you want?

It is also important to choose something based on the availability of space. At the end of the day, it is very important to make sure that you are measuring the equity of your home without fail. The most common mistake people make when buying a sofa online is that it does not take into account the exact dimensions. Since single seater recliner sofa sets are small, there is a general policy that they can fit in any accessible space. that is not the case.

Recliner Sofas Maintenance Tips For Long Life

When purchasing them, you should also be familiar with those sofa maintenance policies. For example, no matter how much you invest – you should always look for a tablecloth or rugs while waiting on the couch to try something new. Although we don’t usually put hot stuff on the couch, it doesn’t hurt to mention these differences. Keep these sofas away from the sun. Do not sit on chairs and sofas as this will put unnecessary pressure on the furniture and this will make them easier to wear and separate prematurely.

List Of Top 8 Best Single Seater Recliner Sofa Sets

1.AE Designs Single Seater Recliner Sofa In Dark Brown


Redefining the definition of comfortable seating is not just a redetermination, it is your own recreation area. The moment you sit in it, it fills your heart with great comfort and satisfaction. In addition to the warmth it offers and the stunning design that makes it suitable for your room, the affordable price suits your budget. Your own weight will knock the grass in the grass.

Key Features

  • Primary Material: Wood
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Style: Modern
  • Can be installed in minutes, even without using any one tool or service. Installation instructions are provided with the goods and the seller is contacted for immediate assistance.
  • 6 months warranty on any construction defect.
  • The 177-degree seating position makes it ideal for relaxing with a stunning design.


Primary MaterialEngineered Wood
Dimensions96.52 x 86.36 x 70 cm
Upholstery materialLeatherette
Mattress ComfortSingle seater

[email protected] by Nilkamal Matt Single Seater Manual Recliner Sofa


Cushy seat, wide armrest and soft cushioning – a mattress sofa can be a sluggish formula at any time of the day.

Disclaimer: Delay from work. Make it easy in the front room or make it part of the bedroom, it fits anywhere. In Chocolate Brown Color, it can be easily mixed with all types of Room colours. If you are decorating your house, make sure that this single-seater recliner sofa is in mind.

Key Features 

  • Primary Material: Linen, Upholstery Material: Fabric
  • Color: Cocoa, Style: Contemporary
  • Seating Capacity: Single Seat
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
  • Material: Fabric (Linen); Metal;
  • Package Contains: 1 Recliner
  • Wide armrest provides comfort while seating.


Primary MaterialMetal
Dimensions83 x 90 x 100 cm
Upholstery materialFabric
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner

3.Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home Relax


A spacecraft chair is a perfect way to relax. The spacecraft chair is complemented by both a back cushion and seat panel and the set is manufactured with a powder-coated tubular metal frame, which makes it weatherproof and strong. Easy to carry spaceship folding recliner chair. It is a combination of Chase Long and Chase Long.

Key Features 

  • Spacecrafts Recliner chair has five-stage reclining positions.
  • Cushion supported Metal Armrests.
  • Metal Handles And Powder Coated Steel Frame.
  • Folding easy chair made in India.

4.Amazon Brand – Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner Sofa


Solimo Home brings you this beautifully moulded fabric for your home furniture needs. Made of strong seams that ensure durability. It is very durable, tested for 25,000 cycles, weighing 100 kg on the back.

It is also very stable And has been tested for armchair strength with a dynamic load of 40 kg over 10,000 cycles. This processor is free from harmful chemicals like paint, lead is formaldehyde. Its light body forces it to move around the house without fuss. Relax with the extended day the add to this cosy Solimo bench.

Technical Details

Primary MaterialEngineering wood
Dimensions84 x 91 x 102 Centimeters
Upholstery materialFabric
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner

5.Home Centre Toledo Single Recliner Sofa


Create a comfortable corner where you can relax with the recliner. With its generously padded seat and wide arms, it inspires you to take a break to relax in a better posture, especially after an extended day. With a soft high-quality material in the cloth finish, it can add a little sophistication to a modern-themed interior.

Key Features 

  • Product Dimensions: L(82 cm), W(96.5 cm), H(104 cm)
  • Main Material: Canvas, Upholstery Material: Polyester
  • Colour: Beige
  • Style: Fashionable
  • Seat Capacity: One Seat
  • Assembly Required: The goods require the carpenter’s assembly and the seller can supply
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Seat padding: foam and an elastic strap for your comfort and chair durability requiring care

Technical Details

Primary Materialwood
Dimensions8 x 96.5 x 104 Centimeters
Upholstery materialPolyester
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner

6.Lofty Dreams Recliners | Electric Singel Seater Motorized Recliner Chair

Foam TypeHigh Dence Foam Or Fiber
Wood TypeHardwood & Plywood
MechanismMotorised Mechanism
Warranty1 Year

Technical Details

Primary Materialwood
Dimensions38 x 39x 42 Inches
Upholstery materialGerman Leatherette
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner

7.Amazon Brand – Solimo Serpens Single Seater Leatherette Recliner Sofa


Solimo Home brings you this beautiful piece of furniture design for your home furniture needs. With durable, sturdy seams that provide durability. The fabric colour of this seat does not fade. It is very durable, tested for 25,000 cycles, weighing 100 kg on the back. It is also stable, having been tested for armchair strength at 40 kg dynamic load for 10,000 cycles. This single-seater recliner sofa is free from harmful chemicals such as paint, lead is formaldehyde. Its lighter body makes it move around the house without fuss. Relax with the extended day the add to this cosy Solimo recliner sofa.

Key Features

  • High-quality furnishings, comfortable single Seater with beautiful brown design Made of a strong seam to ensure durability.
  • The fabric does not lose colour.
  • Warranty on manufacturing defects: 3 years
  • Maximum weight load per seat: 160 kg
  • Lightweight recliner for easy shifting.

Technical Details

Primary MaterialFabric
Dimensions86 x 99 x 99 Centimeters
Upholstery materialFabric
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner

8.AE Designs Motorized Fabric Recliner in Olive Brown


Changing the definition of comfortable seats is not just a recliner. This is your own rest area. The moment you sit in it, it will fill your senses with ultimate calm while satisfying, relaxing your body with maximum relief. Beyond the heat it provides, its stunning design makes it ideal for your living room while it is still affordable.

Key Features

  • Redefining the definition of seating with convenience at your fingertips with the button to operate feature.
  • No Installation Service required and Assured
    A strong frame and wood make this more durable.
  • 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.


Primary MaterialHardwood
Dimensions88.9 x 86.36 x 101.6cm
Upholstery materialFabric
Mattress ComfortSingle seater Recliner


Try and Buy. You may return the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations within 6 months from the date of delivery and a full refund will be issued.

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Benefits of having a single seater recliner Sofa

Stress Buster

There are various kinds of ailments that have a direct impact on stress. Research has proved, if we can lead a stress-free life then we can get rid of such health issues easily. Sometimes we feel a sudden headache, backache or tiredness. The problem may dissolve with ample rest. In such situations, a reclining chair or sofa can give us immense support. These pieces are considered a great way of getting some comfort and rest while our body and mind are under stress. This furniture will allow you to take some rest without sleeping.

Good For Pregnant Women

The pregnant woman can face various health issues during this stage. One of them is having several kinds of pain in various parts of the body. Doctors suggest they get some rest to rid of those pains. Issues like achy joints, swollen feet or painful ribs can get some hours of comfort on a recliner sofa. She can easily keep herself calm and comfortable while sitting on such kind of modern sofa set. She can read some books, watch TV or do some woollen works while sitting on such a chair to have some rest.

Good For Back Pain

While sitting on a reclining chair or sofa, you can get the chance to have an even posture for your body. You can stretch your legs and back as well. This is good for the blood circulation of our body. There are some specific types of jobs where you may need to stand or sit for long hours. This may cause swollen feet, ankle or lower legs because of excessive blood flow in these areas. You can circulate the blood evenly by sitting on reclining furniture after returning from the work. You may not prefer to lie on your bed all the time for resting and for that this kind of sofa is a perfect way of getting some rest for your entire body.

What To Consider Before Buying Single Seater Recliner Sofa

Integrated padding and zero-clearance

Look for attributes such as integrated padding instead of sewn-on cushions. If you have limited space, check out for zero clearance. This means, the anterior portion of the chair moves forward and the posterior portion does not lean closer to the wall. Else you need to leave a large portion behind the chair to fully recline.

Sleek arms-

Choose a relaxing chair with sleek arms instead of overstuffed arms. This will give a sleeker feel and look to the chair.

Visible legs-

If a boxy look puts you off, choose a chair with visible legs. It not only gives a feeling of a stationary chair and also puts a certain amount of distance between the floor and the bottom of the recliner. There are also recliners where the ottoman/footrest can be separated from the chair.

Upholstery –

Although leather is soft, rich and rejuvenating, choose fabrics and tears that are resistant to wear and tear. The skin is durable, but if you have children or pets, choose good clothes at home. Also, ensure that the footrest does not have any fancy trimmings.

Colours –

Finally come in the colour of the bedroom and choose a colour that matches the colour of the walls and other pieces of furniture. Choose a descriptive colour.

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